Is Your Journal Entries eBook Perfect?

Question by Student

Is Your Journal Entries eBook Perfect?

Answer by Me

Nothing is perfect in this world and never be expect, it will be perfect. Only god is perfect. Human being may do mistakes and never create anything perfect. Yes, as creator of journal entries ebook,
I tried to include all the transactions and their journal entries. It will give your surely satisfaction because

1. It does not create in one day. It is hard work of 10+ years.

2. It will make you professional.

3 It will increase your confidence to pass almost all the journal entries of transactions.

4. It will give advance knowledge

5. It will be good value of your money.

6. It is easy.

7. It is master piece of my creation.

8. It is updated

9. It is only one in whole world

10. It is created by me.