How can Government Employee Get Medical Reimbursement

Whether you are Indian central govt. employee or state govt. employee, you have right to get medical reimbursement. Life is uncertain, govt. told you, first spend the expenses for medical and surgery and then get it from us through your govt. department. Process is very simple and I am explaining with my friend's example.

My friend has replaced his total hip (THR) through major surgery. For this, he spent RS. 234563. Now, he is reimbursing from Govt. department.

1st Step : Collect All the Bills and Invoices of Medical Equipment

2nd Step : Get Medical Re-imbursement Certificate from Doctor

3rd Step : Get Discharge Certificate from Doctor

4th Step : Attach Affidavit of Not Claim from Insurance Company

5th Step : Application for Medical Reimbursement

After attaching all documents with application for medical reimbursement, you must go to your Govt. department. Now, Govt. department will check and review your application and its all attachment as per the rules of govt. for reimbursement and then you will get it.