What to Buy for Picnic

Picnic is very good for making good relation and health with family and friends. If you are going to picnic, you should buy following thing

1. You should Buy Own Tiffin

For eating own healthy food outside, you must buy own Tiffin. If you will not have tiffin, you will buy food outside which is harmful for health. Yesterday, we went picnic in pinjor garden. So, we carried our own tiffin and ate the food.

2. You should Make Your Own Bag

You should prepare yourself first for picnic. For this, you should make the your own cotton bag. Here, we will teach step by step, how can make your own cotton bag with this simple video. Learn from it and make your own bag. If you will unable, please whatsapp +91-9356234925, we will make for you and sell you to online.

If you will not make bag, you need to face difficulty to keep food items in your hands. Bag will help to contain all these things easily.

3. You should Buy Drinking Bottle

If you are going to outside for many hours, it is necessary, you must carry the water bottle. After sometime to drink water is very necessary. For this, you must buy a good quality water drinking bottle.

4. You should Buy Some Fruits 

Not only food is necessary for enjoy the picnic, you should also buy the fruits. You should buy also some fruits. Fruits will make you healthy.

5. You should Buy One Good Motivational Book

In picnic, you should read the book in nature. It will give you great idea to success in life. It is also good part of enjoy.

6. You Should Buy New Cloths 

For picnic, you should buy new cloths. It will give you more enjoy.

Courtesy of Image by pixabay