How to Open Bank on Partnership Firm Name

There are lots of reasons, you need to open your bank account on partnership firm name. For example,

1. Govt. department wants to buy products from you but instead depositing sale price in your personal account, it is interested to deposit money in your firm's bank account.

2. You are publisher and your personal advertising account has disabled and you are interested to open new advertising account on the name of your firm but for this, you need to give your firm's bank account.

3. It will increase your goodwill if you will give your firm's bank account for receiving payment instead giving your personal account.

So, these situations, to open partnership firm's account is must. You can easily open your partnership firm's account by filling its form and attach following legal documents.

1. Partnership Deed's Copy

Partnership deed is memorandum and article of partnership firm. In this, there will be all terms and conditions which will bind to partner each other for operating their business. Just go to court and meet your lawyer, if you do not have lawyer, you can take our lawyer's legal service at here.

2. Affidevit

This must be attested with notary officer. In this, you and your partner will declare that you do not have any loan on the name of your firm.

3. Partnership Firm's PAN Card

This is also necessary. If you do not have, you must apply for this.

4. Original Letter PAD of Your Firm

This is also necessary for opening your bank account on the name of your firm.

5.  Stamp of Firm

Just go to stamp maker shop and make the stamp of your firm. Its cost is about rs. 150.

6. Electricity Bill Original

It is also necessary for opening bank account on the name of your firm.

7. Partner's Adhar car and PAN card

It is also necessary.

8. 2 -2 Photos of Partners 

It is also mendatory to give 2-2 photos of partners.

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