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My Story to Start an eCommerce Business from Scratch

It was the time when I bought VPI Hosting plan. I was paying about Rs. 3000 to Rs. 4000 per month. I had kept my blog and my ecommerce website on it. I had installed wordpress template on it. I could not know, how can I operate my ecommerce website. It was difficult for me. I used different ways for selling my products to my customers.

1. Use Google Form

I have made the google form and installed it in my website just below the product detail. If anyone wants to buy from me. He has to fill the detail and tell me how will he pay me. Soon, I find, it was not interactive.

2. Installed eCommerce Template

There was lots of eCommerce template. But no one is successful. Website opening speed was big issue

3. Many Times My eCommerce Website Hacked 

I faced that my ecommerce website was hacked. I was very sad. I was very disappointed from it. Both hosting and wordpress.

4. Decided to Go to Google Blogger 

I exported all data from wordpress. I told good bye to hosting because I was not enough money…

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